The Target Online Home Sale: Save Up to 30%

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The Target Online Home Sale: Save Up to 30%

Many of you that follow this blog know that I’ve been working (albeit at a snail’s pace) at getting the interior of my house renovated. A little paint here, new bedding there . . . it’s taking a while, but I’m a firm believer in paying for it all in cash.

So that means one room at a time and shopping when stuff is on sale.

Now, I typically have a pretty eclectic sense of style, which is nice because it means I can often buy off-beat stuff at consignment stores and be perfectly okay with it.

But I do love Target home stuff too and you can usually find me browsing the clearance end caps whenever I’m in the store.

Currently, Target is having an online-only home sale which includes discounts from 5-35% on everything from the bedroom to the kitchen. This includes area rugs, wall accessories, bedding, and more. I’m totally in love with the lamp pictured above and think it might look really nice in our living room.

But that’s just me.

Take a peek at the Target sale; is there anything you need to make your home a little more cozy?

Photo Courtesy of Target

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