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Save $5 on Enfamil Toddler Formula

Posted on Jun 3, 2011 by No Comments

For any of you that still have kids drinking formula, you know how expensive it is! And while Ella is technically out of the bottle/formula stage, up until a few days ago, she flat-out refused to drink milk, which meant she was still drinking formula.

Not exactly what I had planned when I began this journey.

At any rate, it’s not often that a high-value coupon comes out for formula unless it’s within the first few months of your baby being born. The companies know when you’ve had a new addition to the family, and they’ll send you all sorts of $10 off coupons for about the first three months. Then when they see you’re actually using them (and they think they have you hooked) those coupons go by the wayside and are replaced with mailers for $1 off a can. Seriously?!? What do they take us for? Fools? Read more…