Shop the Toy Sale at Kohl’s

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Shop the Toy Sale at Kohl’s

So I swung by Kohl’s today after I retrieved my car from the mechanic (meaning, I certainly didn’t have any money to spend, but it’s a rainy day so I was in a shopping kind of mood) and I noticed that the very limited toy department was very much on sale.

Naturally, I came home and looked online because the selection is so much better and lo and behold, all the online toys are on sale for 20–35% off.

While these are certainly not the best deals we’ll see on toys this year, it is a good time to grab those items that are popular with the kids and may be in short supply come the official start of holiday shopping season. Lately, I’ve been paying lots of attention to the gift guides that have been put together over at BabyCheapskate. Angie is awesome about doling out advice when it comes to what toys to buy and which ones to skip. Plus, she’s put together an amazing list (by age I might add!) of toys that actually get played with. You should definitely take a look!

Photo Courtesy of Kohl’s

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