Save 50% on EcoFleece Winterwear

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Save 50% on EcoFleece Winterwear

Nothing says cozy like fleece. Seriously.

And I will be honest and upfront about my feelings here; they’re very mixed. I think fleece is great for outdoor walks and sled rides through the neighborhood, but as the Guide to Baby Clothes, I don’t like fleece for car rides. And here’s why: it’s not safe to have your baby buckled in a car seat with a bulky fleece outfit on. 

Now, with that said, I will also mention that my daughter has plenty of fleece. Including several that are very similar to the EcoFleece shown here. The outfits are very warm and fleece is naturally repels and wicks water (it’s magical like that) so it keeps your baby from getting sweaty as well as from getting soaked during outdoor play.

Head over to now through October 31st and you’ll save 50% on recycled EcoFleece winterwear; prices start at $19.99 and choices include jackets, blankets, and full suits.

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