Save 39% on Blast Off Full-Sized Bed Tent

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Save 39% on Blast Off Full-Sized Bed Tent

Remember making forts when we were kids? I used to love stringing up blankets and sheets across the furniture to make a sweet little hidey-hole place for myself.

Though I’m not sure my parents appreciated picking it all up.

In our house, dad is the one that makes to forts; mom is the one that bought a tent from IKEA and called it good. And while it probably won’t win me any Parent of the Year Awards, it certainly saves my sanity.

Had I not purchased the tent I did, I would have seriously considered this one. A tent with a blow-up full-sized bed? Heck, this might even be a good option for the nights when the hubs is in doghouse!

And right now at Amazon, it’s selling for $39.99.

Besides making your husband sleep in it <insert chuckle>, it would be great for kid sleepovers!

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