Save 20% on Nearly Everything and 30% on Outerwear at Hanna Andersson

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Save 20% on Nearly Everything and 30% on Outerwear at Hanna Andersson

To sound a little like my twelve-teen, I’ll just say it. Hanna Andersson rocks. Especially their pajamas.

I’ve always loved the Hanna Andersson pajamas because they’re a heavier-weight cotton, but are available without feet in them — which is perfect for when you have a baby that refuses to wear footie pjs. They wash really well and get softer and softer with every single cycle.

They also seem to last forever so they’re great for handing down.

Then this summer I went to the outlet and checked out shorts and t-shirts, dresses and swimsuits. And although not all of the stuff is necessarily to my liking, most of it is. As I suspected, all of it held up through the wash just fine.

Hanna does tend to run a bit big and it follows a European size chart, but I almost suspect that’s why it runs a bit big. All of L’s clothes from Boden and H&M are the exact same way.

If you head to the Hanna Andersson website, you can save 20% on just about everything they offer, plus get 30% off outerwear. Now, I can’t vouch for this particular part of their line-up because we haven’t tried it yet, but I’m willing to be it’s just as nice as everything else.

Photo Courtesy of Hanna Andersson

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