Little Grips Toddler Utensils 50% Off

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Little Grips Toddler Utensils 50% Off

Ella started using utensils quite some time ago. However, even though she uses them, she doesn’t necessarily have great control over them, if you know what I mean.

She tries like crazy, but inevitably, food always ends up on the floor — which is why I need that Dyson I just talked about.

At any rate, I’m wondering about these Little Grips toddler utensils. When I first looked at them, I couldn’t figure out just how they worked. But then I watched the embedded YouTube videos at the Baby Half Off site and the lightbulb went on. Better late than never I suppose.

So I’m thinking about getting them for L. But I wanted to ask if any of you have any experience with them. Do they really work as well as it seems? A set with two spoons and two forks is priced at just a little over $10 at today, so it’s not a huge investment, but I like to know what I’m getting.

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