Hilton HHonors Members Receive Points for Donating to Relief Efforts

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Hilton HHonors Members Receive Points for Donating to Relief Efforts

I recently traveled and stayed at a Hilton . . . I normally do not sign up for travel reward programs because, frankly, we just don’t travel that much. Especially with a baby.

But now that our oldest daughter has swim meets in different states, it seemed like a decent idea. And the girl that checked me in was totally great about explaining that, even with my first 3-night stay, I was going to be ridiculously close to earning a free night. As a mom with two kids, I’m all about a free night in a hotel.

The problem is, now I’m really close to a free night . . . in fact, so close that I can just about touch it. The problem? I don’t want to spend the $200 to stay one more night just so I can have the free night. At 10 points per $1 spent, I really only need about 1/4th of a night and they won’t let me book that.

Today I received an email that may just solve my problem. Through November 30th, Hilton is offering its HHonors Members the chance to donate to the victims of recent natural disasters in Turkey and Thailand. For every donation of $10 or more, you’ll receive 10 HHonors points for every dollar you donate. As an added bonus, depending on where you live, you may be able to deduct your charitable donation, in addition to receiving the points.

You can read more about the program at the GlobalGiving website. If you’re just a few points short of a free stay at a Hilton, I would highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity to do good for someone in need and help yourself out in the process.

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