Have a New Books-A-Million Opening in Your Neighborhood?

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Have a New Books-A-Million Opening in Your Neighborhood?

Chances are, you had a Borders store in your neck of the woods. I know we did, and boy do I miss it.

And while we do have lots of locally owned bookstores that I like to browse the shelves of, being in a large bookstore with big, comfy chairs, an endless selection, and a cafe is just a whole different experience.

I’m happy to say that our locations was one of a few that will be converted to a Books-A-Million location. And believe you me, I’m stalking that location for any sign of it opening.

And while I might not go the very first day (mass crowds drive me bananas), I will be stopping in shortly thereafter, especially in light of this coupon and the upcoming holidays.

Don’t have a physical location near you? That’s okay. There’s a special coupon code for online shopping too.

Photo Courtesy of Books-A-Million

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