Cleaning Out the Baby Half Off Archives

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Cleaning Out the Baby Half Off Archives

Have you ever seen a deal at a flash sale site but not purchased it in time? This happens to me quite a bit. I’m a big believer in waiting a few minutes before I make a purchase — I talked about this over at Modern Home Modern Baby — to avoid spending money on stuff I’m not going to use, just because it’s a good deal.

But sometimes I’ll get distracted by something else and by the time I make up my mind, the deal has expired.

Usually I chalk this up to the universe’s way of telling me that I didn’t really need it anyway (kind of like when Panera is all sold out of their delicious mac ‘n cheese), but sometimes I’m really irked.

Recently I discovered that some of the flash sale sites have archives, where the deals are still going. When they don’t sell out of a product, they leave it in the archives for shoppers to scoop up. Score!

Baby Half Off is one of these sites. And right now, the archives are bursting at the seams with great products. You really need to check it out. Two of the products I’ve got in my cart right now are the Agoo leg warms (the BEST leg warmers EVER) and the Kidswitch (shown above).

The good news is, I’m saving about 50% on each of them. Diaper bags, Taylore Joelle hats and onesies, Diva cups, paci holders, and a bunch of other great stuff is there for the taking. Head over and check it out!

Photo Courtesy of Baby Half Off

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