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Save 50% Baby Signs

Posted on Oct 26, 2011 by No Comments

There seems to be two camps when it comes to baby sign language. Either you’re a huge advocate or you’re of the mindset that using baby sign language delays verbal language skills.

Well, actually, there might be a third camp: those of us who know so little about it that we just don’t have an opinion.

I fall into the third camp. I have not used the signing system with either of my children, however, I have friends that swear by it.

If you have been thinking about it or if you’re pregnant and planning on using it, here’s a fantastic deal for you. Read more…

Save 20% on Nearly Everything and 30% on Outerwear at Hanna Andersson

Posted on Oct 24, 2011 by 4 Comments

To sound a little like my twelve-teen, I’ll just say it. Hanna Andersson rocks. Especially their pajamas.

I’ve always loved the Hanna Andersson pajamas because they’re a heavier-weight cotton, but are available without feet in them — which is perfect for when you have a baby that refuses to wear footie pjs. They wash really well and get softer and softer with every single cycle.

They also seem to last forever so they’re great for handing down. Read more…

Set of 4 EZ Sox for $12

Posted on Oct 19, 2011 by 1 Comment

I typically don’t post deals from flash sites that require you to register in order to shop, unless I think the deal is pretty fantastic.

Like this one, for example.

EZ Sox are fantastic for little kids that are just learning how to dress themselves and are struggling to be as independent as possible. Ella, who will be two in February, loves to try to dress herself and her socks and shoes are two of her favorite things to try and get on. Her shoes she has down just fine, but her socks? Those are still a bit tricky. Read more…

Save $30 on a $100 Purchase at See Kai Run

Posted on Oct 18, 2011 by No Comments

See Kai Run has some of the cutest shoes ever. I love them. And I love how great they are for kids’ feet. Super flexible yet very supportive, these shoes are great for babies whether they’re in the crib or running through the playground.

See Kai Run has received the APMA’s Seal of Acceptance for promoting healthy foot development, so you know they’re good stuff. Read more…

Little Grips Toddler Utensils 50% Off

Posted on Oct 17, 2011 by 1 Comment

Ella started using utensils quite some time ago. However, even though she uses them, she doesn’t necessarily have great control over them, if you know what I mean.

She tries like crazy, but inevitably, food always ends up on the floor — which is why I need that Dyson I just talked about.

At any rate, I’m wondering about these Little Grips toddler utensils. When I first looked at them, I couldn’t figure out just how they worked. But then I watched the embedded YouTube videos at the Baby Half Off site and the lightbulb went on. Better late than never I suppose. Read more…

Got Pacis? Save 50% on Paci Buddies and Never Lose a Pacifier Again

Posted on Oct 13, 2011 by 12 Comments

Well, maybe not EVER, but rarely.

I don’t know about you all, but we’ve lost our share of pacifiers. We used to just keep buying gore, but then one day I found a load of them under the couch and vowed to never spend money on them again. If they get lost, they’re gone.


But earlier in the baby’s life, it would have been nice to have something bigger to attach the paci too. Yes, those tethers are really nice, but they aren’t the be all, end all. Frankly, I think those are just as easy to lose. Read more…

Save 75% on Ranger Rick Family of Magazines

Posted on Oct 12, 2011 by No Comments

This deal has come up once before, and if you didn’t get a chance to take advantage last time, you have another opportunity.

I recently go to see one of the Animal Baby magazines up close and personal and let me tell you, it’s fantastic! Because this magazine is specifically for the younger set (think 2-4), it’s made of a heavier-weight paper so it doesn’t tear easily.

Of course, all the magazines are advertisement-free and totally educational. Read more…